Transport Operators

Transport Operators

If you choose the right technology and monetisation system there are major opportunities for business growth through higher fares and premium services.

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Opportunities for growth

Increased comfort for passengers

  • – WiFi/3G/4G access
  • – Mobile information services (maintenance/emergency alerts, smartcard payments, TV-based passenger information)

Passenger analytics help you to plan
infrastructure development and manage passenger flows.

Opportunity to manage rolling stock via the same WiFi network:

  • – Train telemetry (train location, air conditioning status, driver skills/condition monitoring, predictive maintenance)
  • – Alternative VOIP channel as a backup to existing TETRA, GSM-R, LTE-E or others
  • – Wired/wireless connectivity for any other applications
  • – Smarter and safer service
  • – Online CCTV on trains and stations
  • – Integration of Wi-Fi, CCTV, face recognition and Wi-Fi users’ identification makes for more intelligent security

Choosing the right technology


A good Wi-Fi network needs to be future-proof. That means proper backhaul infrastructure, coverage and management solutions.

A private trackside network (TSN) provides greater flexibility and bandwidth. LTE aggregation involves lower capital expenditure but requires stable coverage, additional operating expenditure and data costs. Sometimes a hybrid solution is the best.

  • When to choose LTE

    • – If the railway is elevated and has a minimum of 80% LTE coverage by two or more operators
    • – SIM cards with unlimited data are available at low cost
    • – Absence of fibre or power infrastructure and lack of access to existing poles or elevated areas for base stations
    • – If your CAPEX budget is severely limited
  • When to choose TSN

    In any other case we recommend using a private TSN. An existing power or fiber infrastructure along the track might help to reduce costs by up to 30%.

LTE-based services TSN-based services
Control of rolling stockTrain telemetry
Train control utilizing same infrastructure
Reserve VOIP channel
Smart safetyIntelligent security
Online CCTV
Passenger comfortMobile information
3G/4G access


As a transport operator, you can access finance for Wi-Fi infrastructure through partnerships or third-party investment.

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Digitalisation Platform

Maxima’s Digitalisation Platform is composed of 3 layers: Connectivity, Data, and Digital Services. Each layer flawlessly serves 4 target audiences: passengers, metro, city, and telcos. The whole platform intelligently orchestrates complex digital environment of a modern transportation system.

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